Dali Tambo Asks Him About His Girl In a Million

DURBAN tycoon Vivian Reddy will bare his soul to the nation this week in a television show that tackles a host of personal and intimate issues – including whether his wife Sorisha Naidoo married him for his millions.
Reddy, a multi-millionaire who rose from a blue overalled electrician to become one of the brightest sparks in the South African business world with interests in major companies and several casinos nationally, confirmed in an interview with POST that he will be a guest of Dali Tambo’s celebrity TV show People of the South this Sunday on SABC 3 at 8.30pm.

After a 10-year break, Tambo relaunched the new season of the show with an intimate dinner at home with President Jacob Zuma and some of his family.

Tambo is set to travel the country sharing a few hours with his interviewees, gaining a glimpse into their lives.

Reddy said the show aimed to interview prominent people as well as their families and he was proud to be the first South African of Indian origin to appear on it.

Apart from serving to showcase the success of the Indian community in spite of apartheid, Reddy said that on a more personal note, the show helped created a greater bond between him and his three children from his previous marriage.

Reddy and his former wife, Mogi, had been married for 28 years before the breakup.

Although confirming the interview, Reddy was reluctant to break the confidentiality between him and Tambo by revealing what he said in the TV interview. He did however indicate that he together with his family were frank and honest about the questions posed to them by Tambo.

“It was an open book discussion. Tambo asked me how I had ended my 28year marriage with Mogi Naidoo, and I explained how I felt about her.

“I was also asked whether my political contacts had helped me obtain government contracts.”

Reddy said that in the interview, Tambo asked Sorisha if she had married him for his wealth.

He also delved into her involvement with skin-lightening creams. She runs a business selling skin lightening creams and other beauty treatments.

“He asked her if she was not comfortable with her original Indian complexion and Sorisha’s answers were also frank and honest.”

Reddy said Tambo also asked Sorisha about her relationship with Mogi and her three stepchildren.

“I felt that since the interview, there is a new warm, positive energy. We cried and it was all very emotional.”

Reddy said Tambo was introduced to Indian culture as the show began with a hawan (prayer), where his two young children aged two and four also participated.

“I expressed appreciation to our Indian forebears who paved the rocky roads and laid the foundation for our community successes.

“I went on to explain how the Indian community built its own schools and community halls. We discussed our family value systems and how the extended Indian family value systems transformed our communities.”

Tambo described the Reddy couple as beautiful people who were very open and honest